Not many businesses can take pride in an expertise in murky waters ... but we can. Our

Landfill, Quarrying and Aggregates division positively revel in it!


Their extensive service includes de-silting of leachate, gas, surface water and ground water wells, as well as lagoon work, weighbridges, wheel washes and jetting works.


And our specialist equipment means that they are able to recover the maximum volume of gas -  which can then be sold to the National Grid - during the de-silting processes at the same time as meeting all our client's commercial and compliance requirements.


KCP offers a full ATEX approved CCTV service for the investigation and review of pipework as well as a unique pipe suction system for removing silt, sludge, waste, debris, liquids and dry powders from depths over 120 metres and more than 200 metres horizontally.

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