Some of our best friends are in food and drink  - some of our best clients too!

KCP has established firm relationships with some of the UK’s major food and drink producers and their comprehensive remit includes the intense cleaning and maintenance of vats, grease traps, cooling towers, underground tanks and furnaces, the thorough maintenance and cleaning of on-site facilities, pipes, drains, gullies and interceptors, the resolution of production process problems caused by mechanical failures and shut down and the core ability to work with grain and other raw materials associated with the food and drinks industry.

Our bespoke equipment enables us to perform suction to depths in excess of 120 metres and more than 200 metres horizontally, overcoming previously unmanageable height or access restrictions. Every member of our team is trained and experienced in Confined Space Entry, enabling them to carry out the safe and expert assessment and maintenance of large tanks and sumps.

We work with customers, particularly within the distillery industry, to establish and benefit from waste-to-energy and we also work hand-in-hand with Anaerobic Digestion operators, enabling our clients to turn waste into gas which can be used to power on-site works or be sold to the National Grid.

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