Our Farming and Agricultural team never get bored with their work - for them variety is the key and as KCP is a major player in farming, agricultural and food processing sectors across Britain they are a happy bunch.

KCP provides an extensive life cycle service to the UK's farming and agricultural industries and works with a network of grain facilities throughout the UK.

Dealing directly with food and drink processors KCP are specialists in the removal of food waste and they work with Anaerobic Digestion operators and other equally expert partners to ensure that operational challenges can be reviewed and improved in this rapidly growing sector

The KCP squad organise and conduct a wide variety of agricultural and estate management maintenance projects, providing essential tenancy solutions for large estates all over the country.

In addition, KCP is highly experienced in the cleaning and restoration of riverbeds and lagoons, removing sludge and debris, and disposing of any by-products

They also work closely with the agriculture industry to encourage the implementation of farm waste management plans and are experts in safely, effectively and efficiently emptying and cleaning slurry towers as well as sharing safety messages amongst the farming community through their membership of the Farm Safety Partnership, a self-financed collaboration of organisations with an influence over health and safety in agriculture.

All member organisations have committed to try to improve farm safety within their own sphere of influence and through collaborative projects within the Partnership by signing the Farm Safety Charter

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