Social Responsibility is not just making sure you have a designated driver for that special night out although of course that helps!

At KCP we define social responsibility as a commitment to interacting with the local community, regularly engaging with local schools for entrepreneurial projects and enterprise and to helping our local community in whatever way we can.


Recently we tasked local school pupils with the job of designing and developing a keyring that uses our corporate branding effectively and they really came up trumps!


That enterprise project was a huge success and taught the students the undoubted value of good branding, as well as enterprise skills when developing and selling a product. The school now runs its own social enterprise company which makes many of KCP's promotional materials and is starting to expand its customer base with the help of business mentoring from KCP.


We also take part in a variety of fundraising events, help to organise charity events and out staff members also take their social responsibilities seriously and can be found working as volunteers in a wide variety of local organisations.


In Greek the meaning of the name Ophelia is: Help. How appropriate is that! Be very careful out there. #weatheraware @metofficeuk #ophelia
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