Responsibility is a word not often seen in the menu of a business website but we thought it was important because KCP takes its many responsibilities seriously.

Our responsibility to creating successful outcomes for our many clients is paramount we are committed to delivering a comprehensive service tailored to the requirements of every individual customer and our highly qualified staff, unique bespoke equipment, dedication and extensive experience guarantees a successful outcome every time.

Some projects and situations require innovative custom designed equipment and ideas and we have a responsibility to ensure that our equipment is always state-of-the-art and our staff able to think on their feet to meet the challenges they are faced with, coming up with and developing unique solutions for every situation.

And that means, of course, that we have responsibilities to our staff ensuring that their training is always up to date, that they are well equipped and comfortable at their work, that their safety is always our top priority and that they have the skills to be able to tackle any situation with confidence.

And then there are the social responsibilities to the larger community of which KCP is a part. We take those seriously too and you can find more details of a 'extracurricular' activities elsewhere on the site, our charity and fund raising work, our work with local schools and the ways in which members of the team 'give back' to their community.

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